Located in north-eastern Italy, the Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, crossing a wide hilly strip and a plain laced by rivers, canals and the Po river delta. But the Veneto, a multifaceted region, also preserves treasures of nature, art and traditions in the mainland. Extraordinary is its variety of landscapes: the Dolomites, Lake Garda, long and sandy beaches dotted with seaside resorts. The lovers of Verona Romeo and Juliet, the Venice Carnival, and the Botanical Garden of Padua make the Veneto region a region full of world-famous excellences.


From the cold climate of the Dolomites to the mild climate of the Adriatic coast, Veneto summarizes all the varied temperatures in Europe. The climate of Veneto is sub-continental, but with the mitigating agent of the sea and the chain of the Alps to protect it from the north winds, it is generally temperate.


Although it differs considerably from one province to another, the regional cuisine is based on some common ingredients: rice, vegetables and, above all, polenta. The latter, beloved by the Veneti, is enjoyed as an accompaniment to meat, fish and cheese dishes. Characteristic of the region are the red radicchio of Treviso and the cheeses of the Asiago plateau. Among the typical dishes of the lagoon cuisine we have risotto with fish and baccalà mantecato alla vicentina. A speciality of Venice is stewed eel. Many are the typical desserts, including the pandoro of Verona which has become a national treat. The Veneto also boasts a rich and fine production of red and white wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines.

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