Ambasciata del Buon Vinotm

Buseta e Boton | Rosso Passito I.G.T. Veneto

Grape Varietals: 75% Merlot, 25% Corvina
Vineyards: Cavaion Veronese
Average age of the vines: 20 years
Soil: alluvial, of volcanic origin
Harvest Period: manual, end of September
Vinification: Appassimento for two months, long maceration and fermentation in steel. Eighteen months of aging in Slavonian oak barrels
Alcohol Content: 15% by vol.
Residual Sugar: 8 grams per liter
Color: intense and deep ruby red
Aroma: hints of blackberry fruits, black pepper, coffee and chocolate
Palate: full and round, savory, slightly tannic with hints of cinnamon, notes of coffee and chocolate
Food Suggestions: aged cheeses, cookies and dark chocolate
Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C / 61-64 °F
Grape Varietals: Merlot, Corvina



Food Suggestions

Aged cheeses, cookies and dark chocolate

Serving Temperature

16-18 °C / 61-64 °F
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