Alessandro Berselli

“30 years of wine, research, dedication.”

I started my career in the wine industry 30 years ago, in the late eighties. My first position was for some big groups in the sector and I was in charge of exploring the different markets to get to know people’s taste and habits. It’s a wonderful experience to understand exactly the consumer needs and expectations all around the world.

I had the chance to travel across the globe and meet incredible, passionate people along the way. However, while traveling, I noticed how poorly known Italian wines were on an international level. It always felt difficult, if not impossible, to find good Italian wines that truly expresses the essence of Italian culture and heritage. The availability in many countries was not enough, and certainly not satisfactory.

It is with this awareness that I’ve grown eager to promote Italian wines and culture in the world. After all, it’s an immense, unique treasure, born of noble vines, with over 350 native varieties and thousand-year old traditions that are worth sharing and discovering.

It is with a valuable French experience as a négociant-éleveur that I founded ALMA WINES, a unique concept of its kind, the first in Italy. The aim was simple: to ensure the extraordinary Italian wine heritage gets known properly. While the goal is clear, the task was not an easy one.

Today, we’ve built the entire company in order to facilitate this important message of tradition & innovation we want to convey. We oversee the entire production cycle: from the cultivation of vineyards to the harvesting of grapes, from wine production to refining, and from bottling to distribution, with great attention, care and daily commitment to this vision. Great terroir-oriented, authentic, quality-focused Italian wines are now easily available around the world, thanks to ALMA.

In the last 30 years, I’ve travelled the world, selling more than 50 million bottles. One could think I’d get over it. Yet, I’ve never got tired of the discovery of new grapes, new blends, production methods and travelling all over Italy, which never fails to astonish me by its pure beauty.
And every year, when harvest time comes, it’s always an emotion.

I believe in teamwork, working together with a common vision and a passion for work. More precisely, I believe in our team who surprise me to this day with their effort and dedication.

Every wine has a story to tell, but so does every individual that worked on its creation. The story is always one of love, passion, dedication for one’s work, experience, foresight and competence, thousand-year old traditions, teamwork and perseverance. If you ask me what is the common aspect of all of the wines in our portfolio, i’d have to say it’s their authentic expression. They are the soul of Italy, each and every bottle are filled to the brim with soul, for you to enjoy.

Alessandro Berselli

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