Alessandro Berselli

Alessandro Berselli

“I was born in the countryside, just outside of Bologna. Where I’m from, most people are farmers or work the field. It’s the land of Parmigiano Reggiano and Lambrusco, and for us kids, there was always something entertaining to do.

I remember spending hours observing the milk transform into cheese, and the grapes turn into wine. The airport wasn’t too far from home, and my father would often take me to watch the planes land and take off. That’s what sparked my curiosity and my wanderlust.

With my job, I have had the privilege of traveling the world, meeting many people, and discovering many different cultures and traditions. What has remained unchanged, though, is the passion for my homeland.

What’s beautiful about Italy is that it never ceases to astonish. From North to South, wherever you look, its beauty will take your breath away. Wine is a product of this land, its history, its traditions, and its culture.

In Italy there are over 350 native grapes, making it the country with the most native grapes in the world. We have selected around 70 of them, from the most prestigious grape varieties to the best production areas.

I began working in the field over thirty years ago and my goal has always been the same: to draw a geographical map of Italy to give everyone, all over the world, the opportunity to discover, through my wines, the infinite richness that Italy has to offer.”

Alessandro Berselli, Founder of Alessandro Berselli Vini d’Italia

30 years of research and dedication in the wine industry

Alessandro initially set foot in the wine industry by creating Selected Italian Wines, a group of prestigious Italian wine producers. In his 9 years as CEO, he led the group to become one of Italy’s largest multi-regional consortiums. Additionally, Alessandro has worked with multiple prestigious international companies in Japan and in Europe. He eventually founded his own company with the goal of producing and promoting Italian wine throughout the rest of the world with a revolutionary approach that combines expertise and tradition with flexibility and research.

A life-long learner. Alessandro has spent most of his life traveling the world, always researching market trends and needs. His philosophy reflects on our own: striving towards how to constantly innovate while maintaining Italy’s deep wine heritage.

Now a family affair. Alessandro’s wife Silvia, his daughter Eleonora, and his son Francesco also have essential roles at the company. Silvia is the company’s CEO, while Eleonora and Francesco are part of the Sales & Marketing team.

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