Alessandro Berselli

“30 years of wine, research, dedication.”

Wine is meant to be enjoyed together, wine is meant to be made together. Since ever.

Alessandro Berselli has been walking on the soil of Italian vineyards for 30 years. How many things have changed, in these 30 years. Calendar pages that go by as quickly as the rhythm of the harvest. Observe, cut, put away, before it gets dark, before it rains.

In the 80’s Italian wine wasn’t the same. It was a rare and hidden gem. Over there, on the other side, there were French winemakers, who were able to transform everything they touched into gold. They told their tales to the rest of the world, while the rest of the world would hang from their lips. Italian entrepreneurs like Alessandro Berselli, on the other hand, worked beyond their capacity, traveled kilometers, convincing people. Before winning, of course.

The raw material was undoubtedly there. Because 350 autochtonous varietals, the hands of our farmers, their experience, their methods didn’t come out of nowhere. They were a heritage, a dusty casket that needed to be brought out into the light.

If you’re trying to catch up, you need two things. First of all, a foundation that will allow you to comprehend that tradition is wonderful if you’re able to contextualize it in current times. Then, a passionate soul: veins like grapevines, a beating heart that is synchronized with the four seasons. It means you get excited about the perfect error of a grape bunch: always different shapes, intense flavors but never in the same way.

Together we have sold 50 million bottles all over the world, together we took Italian wine out of the 80’s and transformed a perception into a vision. With our company, we’re able to combine – under the Alma Wines label – different heritages, following them from the vineyard to the bottle, and undertake the best distribution strategy.

The beauty lies in still being surprised – always altogether, always with the same enthusiasm – by new grapes, new blends, new production methods. We modernize tradition, we study it and perfect it through new knowledge.

It’s our way to give back: the territory gives us body, we give back our soul.


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