“When dealing with beautyone can never get bored.”

I started working on wine at the end of the eighties, working for some big groups in the sector. My job was to explore the different markets to get to know people’s tastes and habits.

While traveling, I noticed how poorly known Italian wine was internationally and how difficult, if not impossible, it was to find it in many countries.

I felt I wanted to promote Italian wine and culture in the world: an immense treasure, born of noble vines, over 350 native varieties and a thousand-year tradition.

Gathering the French experience of the négociant-éleveur, I founded Alma Wines, a unique concept of its kind, the first in Italy, with the aim of making the extraordinary Italian wine heritage known.

Today we follow directly the entire production cycle: from the cultivation of vineyards to the harvesting of grapes, from wine production to refining, and from bottling to distribution.

In thirty years I have travelled the world selling more than 50 million bottles, and yet I never get tired of the discovery of new grapes, new blends and production methods, travelling all over Italy, which never fails to astonish me by its beauty.

And every year, when harvest time comes, it’s always an emotion.

Alessandro Berselli