It will be love at the first sip!

A tribute to the most important international varietals grown under the Italian sun.

A special acknowledgement to our founder for an innovative project and for an extraordinary expertise of international markets.

An exclusive, charming and elegant packaging marks this line of wines
It will be love after the first sip.

Toscana | Merlot I.G.T.

Toscana Merlot I.G.T.

Juicy dark berries, licorice, spice.
Powerful, smooth tannins, great complexity, long and persistent.
Pairs perfectly with roasted meats, duck, elaborate poultry and hearty sauces.

Cabernet Sauvignon | Toscana I.G.T.

Cabernet Sauvignon Toscana I.G.T.

Red fruits, coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla notes.
Full, the tannins are dry, rich and smooth.
Pairs perfectly with meaty argue, stewed and grilled meat, wild game.

Pinot Nero | Provincia di Pavia I.G.T.

Pinot Nero Provincia di Pavia I.G.T.

The ample bouquet includes a spectrum of berries, violet and coffee.
Elegant, medium body, long spice finish.
Pairs perfectly with wild game, roasted meats, aged cheeses.

Pinot Grigio | Collio D.O.C.

Pinot Grigio Collio D.O.C.

Intense spectrum of fruit and white floral notes.
Dry, smooth, balanced with good body.
Pairs perfectly with mushrooms, seafood sauté, grilled fish.

Chardonnay | Alto Adige D.O.C.

Chardonnay Alto Adige D.O.C.

Fresh, fruity with banana and ripe pears notes, harmonious with a good tipicity.
Varietal notes very distinct on the palate, mineral with hints of vanilla and spices. Well balanced acidity and excellent persistence in the mouth.
Pairs perfectly with seafood antipasti and pastas, lighter poultry and grilled seafood.

Sauvignon Blanc | Alto Adige D.O.C.

Sauvignon Blanc Alto Adige D.O.C.

Our product is made with one of the most common international grape varietals in the world.
It grows in Alto Adige: one of the best areas to enhance its enormous potential.
Our Sauvignon Blanc is rich, modern and young.

Rosé I.G.T. Tre Venezie

Rosé I.G.T. Tre Venezie

Very intense and elegant notes of undergrowth red berry fruit, with floral nuances.
Full and fresh, very harmonious and balanced palate with a long savoury finish.
Ideal for an aperitif, with sushi and shellfish. Vegetarian first courses and lake fish.

Prosecco D.O.C Rosé Brut Millesimato

Prosecco D.O.C Rosé Brut Millesimato

An elegant wine which fascinates with its soft pink color and its fine and persistent perlage. A harmony of floral and fruity notes. The fruits, which we will find on tasting, range from the red berries of Pinot Noir to the yellow and white fruits, such as apple and pear, of the Glera grapes. Of great freshness and excellent persistence, crisp and easy to sip, a characteristic we find in every Prosecco.

Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G.

Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G.

Rich, complex, with a fusion of the primary aromas of the original grapes and the notes conferred by the long resting period of the yeasts.
Rich, fresh and crisp, with a marked acidity, complexed by the unctuousness of the perlage and an important structure. Taste and persistence at the end of the mouth.
Excellent with any meal, from aperitif to starters and seafood menus, including raw vegetables.

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