Among the most extensive regions of Italy and located at the northern end of the peninsula, on the border with Switzerland, Lombardy has a uniquely beautiful landscape, with its famous lakes – Maggiore, Como, Iseo and Garda – and the hills of Franciacorta and Oltrepo Pavese, appreciated for its vineyards and the production of wine. The capital is Milan, the heart of the Italian economy and the world capital of fashion and design, a city universally known for its iconic places and monuments, such as the Duomo and La Scala.


Because of the incredibly heterogeneous territory, with mountains, hills, lakes and plains, the climate is very varied, with sweltering summers in the plains, and cold and long winters with limited rainfall.


Lombardy boasts a rural cuisine, based on foods such as cereals, corn, wheat and rice – which have always been grown in the area – and on locally sourced meat and fish. Its gastronomic traditions are many, and linked to the different provincial aspects. Among the famous dishes of the capital are the saffron risotto and the Milanese cutlet, while the most famous typical cheeses are gorgonzola, mascarpone and robiola.

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