One of the largest of the Italian regions as well as the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily embodies an incredibly varied heritage of landscape and historical-architectural beauties. Here nature seems to have wanted to concentrate countless wonders, from mountains, to hills, to sea, with unique colors and reflections and with its many beautiful islands (Aeolians, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria, Ustica and Lampedusa). And then the inspiring volcanoes, always active: Stromboli and the majestic Etna. The Sicilian archaeological sites are among the most important in the world, such as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the complexes of Syracuse and Selinunte and the Ancient Theater of Taormina.


Sicily enjoys a generally Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild, rainy winters. On the coasts the summers can be torrid, due to the influence of the African winds.


Sicilian cuisine tells a tale about the care and passion of its people for good food. Among the many specialties we find appetizers such as rice balls and first courses such as aubergine caponata. Many products of the land fall under the Dop, Igp and Igt marks, such as extra virgin olive oils, red oranges and fine wines with a strong and full-bodied taste.

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