Ruppiano Famiglia Berselli

When it comes to wine, we think of Tuscany.

We think of Bolgheri cellars, of the interception between miracle and excellence that is made up of a small group of houses in the Tuscan hills. We think of the longevity of Brunello or other red wines of Montalcino. We think of the notoriety of Chianti Classico, of the surprise of discovering a high-quality white wine such as Vermentino in a land of full-bodied alchemies.

But we also think of mornings spent with family, of smiles and sincere looks. We think of our mission to provide a product that’s meant to be shared, that immortalizes success and the best moments spent in your homes.

They’re the Ruppiano wines of the Berselli family.
They’re the North Star of our winemaking.


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