Wine and mexican food: the ideal wine to pair with tortillas

wine and mexican food

Coriander in your nostrils, spice on your tongue. A bite of wine and mexican food is always an explosion of flavors, a swing of consistencies, a carousel of sensations. There’s salsa, there’s crunch, there’s the creaminess of different fillings. There’s pico de gallo. This is why, sometimes, you may give up on a complex beverage and settle for a fresh beer to accompany dishes such as tortillas. A predictable pairing.

But Pinot Grigio might be the solution to all your problems.


Wine and mexican food: the perfect mix between consistencies and flavors


Our Collio D.O.C of our Alessandro Berselli – Signature Collection is an important wine, but it perfectly adapts to international cuisines, born under Aztec pyramids and now widespread all over the world.

The secret lies in the separation of must and grape skin, which makes wine tendentially sweet and gives it a refreshing sensation. This is exactly what you need to balance the spice and flavor of a tortilla filled with sliced marinated beef, perhaps melted cheese and a delicious cream of beans. Or, at the same time, to pair with a crunchy tortilla, enriched with tuna and avocado ceviche and that wonderful mix of tomatoes, onion and green pepper, that is, pico de gallo.


wine and mexican food pinot grigio


A bite that takes you to Guadalajara, a sip that takes you to the hills of Friuli. A journey in kitchen that can also be a business trip. Or, if you prefer, an international vacation. With a few different time zones and the intensity of flavors leading the way.

This Italian wine excellence can perfectly tame the restless flavor of spices that characterizes Mexican cuisine.

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