A wild and unspoiled paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters, between white sandy beaches and large coves. The undisputed queen of the Mediterranean, Sardegna amazes for its unique colors and breathtaking landscapes of hills, valleys, mountains and plateaus. Many archaeological areas are scattered throughout the territory – famous Nuragic complexes, unique monuments in the world that bear witness to an ancient and mysterious civilization. An island famous for its natural beauties and for the numerous tourist resorts, such as the Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena archipelago.


Throughout the region the climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters, where temperatures that rarely fall below zero, and hot and dry summers, where they are abundantly above 30°C.


Natural products, simplicity and a lot of taste: these are the ingredients of Sardinian cuisine. The king of the table is certainly the baby suckling pig cooked on the grill, accompanied by carasau or guttiau bread. Even the sea offers its specialties, such as the lobster from Alghero and the bottarga of Cabras, made from mullet roe, to be enjoyed sliced ​​as an appetizer or grated on spaghetti. Many cheeses, mainly from sheep’s and goat’s milk, among which the most famous is the Sardinian pecorino, a real delicacy, which differs from area to area.

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