From our Abruzzo vineyards


Located in the central southern part of the Peninsula, Abruzzo extends from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, through a predominantly mountainous and wild territory. The Gran Sasso area, at the slopes of which lies the capital of L’Aquila, is one of the richest territories in Italy in terms of landscape and cultural heritage. Between the uncontaminated peaks and the rocky walls, there are numerous tourist resorts and ski areas for winter sports and skiing, as well as historical routes among the many ancient villages found there, custodians of a peasant culture that still keeps its traditions alive through the folklore and local craftsmanship.


The mountain massif of the Central Apennines strongly conditions the region, clearly dividing the climate of the internal mountain ranges from that of the coastal areas, typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and mild winters.


The gastronomic tradition of Abruzzo is rich and linked to the different territorial aspects. Macaroni alla chitarra, a homemade pasta cut with a steel wire frame, is a very common staple. In the seaside resorts the first courses based on fish reign, often seasoned with tomato, an ingredient that was used in ancient times to enrich the flavour of ‘poor’ fish caught in the area. But the real protagonist of Abruzzo cuisine is lamb (lamb, hogget and castrated lamb) cooked on the grill, as in the case of the famous roasts. So many quality regional wines, while among the desserts the nougat and the confetti stand out, which are made with almonds and honey.

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