Millennials in search for cocktail wines

Great Cocktails

If there’s one thing that the market doesn’t like, that would be dogma. Imposing rules on consumption behavior has always been an obstacle. Same with restricting individual freedom now that social media is motivating us to express ourselves, not only individually, but also by following trends.

Great cocktail

Wine is no expectation to this trend. And millennials – who have increasingly become more attentive and relevant consumers – love to share their own opinion, even when it comes to making great cocktails. The last generation that still remembers what life without the internet was like is also the one that embraces new trends with the most awareness. And they don’t get surprised by the latest fact that arrived from the Atlantic: 34% of Americans under 35 years old who drink wine mix it with other drinks.

It’s a fact that comes directly from Nomisma Consulting and that paints a clear picture of this big matter: wines for great cocktails are about to take flight, especially if paired with a perfectly recognizable brand.

Wines for great cocktails: energy, flavors and colors of the AMBO line

Alessandro Berselli was ahead of his time
. The young Ambo line, in fact, seems to have all the credentials to tap into this millennial trend. Recognizable and flashy, the bottles can be alluring. Of course, it’s always the content that makes a difference, thanks to its high quality. For example, our Friuli D.O.C. – Pinot Grigio is a particular interpretation of it.

It’s the same wine of the Venetian tradition of the Spritz, which – among its many versions – requires a still white to make one of the most famous cocktails in the world.

Great Cocktail

But also Ambo Rosso | Merlot, accompanied by chocolate liqueur, raspberries and a teaspoon of heavy cream can make a glamorous Pink Elephant. The wriggle of Italian quality, after all, is necessary to ennoble the wine supply chain for great cocktails.

Great cocktail

The conviviality of wine that adapts to glossy events. Without prejudice or exceptions, because there isn’t a better way to approach wine. As long as it’s good.

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