The company

Alessandro Berselli, founder and creator of the ALMA WINES project & concept with not only the aim of making exciting wines, but also the goal to share the prodigious, elaborate Italian wine heritage.

The name ALMA is closely linked to its creator. He’s the main character of ALMA’s story and it was only logical that our name would refer to his expertise. Alessandro Berselli graduated with a doctorate in Business at the University of Bologna, the oldest University in the world founded in 1088, as well as one of the leading academic institutions in Italy and Europe. Its historic name was: Alma Mater Studiorum. Alma is a mysterious term that has various origins. From Spanish and Italian origins, Alma means “Soul”, the essence or the embodiment of specific qualities. From Latin origin, Alma also means tutorship, fostering in an encouraging, supportive way. That fits perfectly with our vision and concept to promote the Italian wine culture globally.

The philosophy of ALMA is based on a revolutionary concept. The soul of Italian wine needs to be inclusive of the many traditions and expressions. We aim to promote Italy’s remarkable and unique vine-growing heritage while maintaining and reinforcing the regional authenticity & genuineness. Tradition can only be maintained if it is joined by innovation, and reciprocally, innovation must always keep a deep respect and honor towards traditions.

ALMA may have a fully dedicated Italian soul, but our vision is global. Our Italian roots are the basis upon which we’ve built our legacy. We couldn’t be prouder of our origin and this is why we want to share our millennial tradition, love, passion & vision with the entire world. Italian wine culture is an immense noble treasure that needs to be exposed for all to enjoy. Our soul is Italian, but our spirit is universal.

ALMA WINES was established in 2003 as an Italian fine wine producer. From the very beginning, our commitment was to spread & share the essence of centuries-old tradition worldwide. It’s with this aspect in mind, always leading our decisions, that the brand was developed into the proud company with a production that extends to notorious wine-growing areas, using authentic Italian noble varieties.

From North to South, Italy’s literally a great, almost uninterrupted vineyard: Vigneto Italia, as we love to call it here at ALMA. Under the supervision of ALMA’s highly skilled winemakers & Agronomists, we guarantee that the highest quality standards are met in each and every single bottle in the constantly growing ALMA’s wine portfolio. Our team is consolidated, we know each other well, as we have been collaborating for a lifetime, and every day we do our best with energy and enthusiasm, because what we share goes far beyond our profession.

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