Summer's not over yet, and the Alma team takes over Italy!
Heaven is a small place the Mediterranean: providing you a real-time, insightful description of what Capri truly means to the Alma Wines team. Check out our blog for breathtaking pictures and recipe inspirations!
During our stay in Italy, we couldn't help but stopping by one of the most productive wine regions in Italy: Puglia. When the Greeks and Romans left their footprint in the heel of Italy, they also installed the engine-room of Italian wine production. While Primitivo is king here, Negroamaro also accounts for one of Puglia's most popular grapes. 
Did you know that the word "Primitivo" doesn't mean "primitive" in Italian, but it rather refers to the grape's early ripening? 

These grapes accumulate a lot of sugar early in the season, resulting in luscious wines. Our Masseria Supreno wines are the best expression of this sun-kissed area while in our lines Sotto Il Sole, Diomede, Beando, Torrae Del Sale and Berselli & Olivieri you can find the footprint of the region’s great local grapes, hot Mediterranean weather and occasional sea breezes.
Real time news:

Last but not least, after visiting our Tuscan Estate in the of Chianti Classico, we are proud to announce and to welcome Claudio Giorgi to our team. Claudio Giorgi, agronomist and oenologist, has recently made his entry as a new player for the Alma team after having managed Tenuta Frecciarossa for 11 years. Claudio Giorgi and Jean-François had worked alongside for 4 years at Tenuta Mazzolino in Oltrepo’ Pavese, and they finally met again to start a new chapter for Alma Wines together. Congratulations and welcome aboard, Alma's new agronomist!

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