Alma Wines
Italy is a daydream
that lives with you
for the rest of your life.
Italy is a place with more talent
than anywhere else.
Italy is clever and resourceful.
She knows about history, sea and land, good food and wine,
painters, sculptors, writers, and much more.

Italy was born beautiful, and her beauty endures
during both her ups and downs.

But when she tumbles, she always finds the courage and strength
to get back on her feet.

We would like to thank our entire team for their hard work during these difficult times. Alma Wines is the result of the many capabilities and warm heart of each and every one of its people.
There’s a difference between being part of a journey and creating your own.

If you can see this,
you were part of ours, so thank you.
Alma Wines - The Soul of Italian Wine - Fine Italian Wine Producer
© 2019 ALMA WINES Srl
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