Alma Wines is proud to present the release of “Selachus”, the first wine fully crafted in our estate Fattoria di Ruppiano Astorre Noti, in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, Tuscany.

Since 2003, Alma has been using a time-tested French négociant eleveur approach to the incredible bounty of indigenous and international grape varieties that flourish in Italy’s famed soils. This has allowed us to offer a portfolio of more than 60 different wines from 14 Italian regions, sold worldwide.
In 2014, Alma selected Tuscany as the first production site where to begin cultivating grapes “under the Tuscan sun”. Fattoria di Ruppiano Astorre Noti, located in Castelnuovo Berardenga, is registered as a member of the “Consorzio Dei Produttori Del Chianti Classico Gallo Nero”.

The release of our Selachus is the result of a long research and study for both the inside and the outside of the bottle which involved our team of winemakers and agronomist and a collaboration between a worldwide renowned art agency and our graphic office in Italy who took care of the packaging.
The meaning of its name is printed on the front label in latin, here under translated in english:

“Our roots run throughout Tuscany. They stretch beyond the gentle hills, beyond the olive trees that stand as guardians of time. They are bound to the rosebushes, sentinels at the head of the vineyard rows entrusted with perceiving the aroma. 
Before history, before man.
Our vineyards extend where there was once the sea, as the teeth and bones of ancient, fossil Selachus sharks found here show, and they draw on a powerful, relentless force. 
This extraordinary energy is transfused into the grapes, custodians of the emotions that our wine will awaken. 
Our passion is the devotion contained in every barrel that merges yesterday with tomorrow. Our wines, are witnesses of a unique and special history: they transport us through time.”
Our Selachus Supertuscan is a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon and represents the first great achievement of our agricultural branch Alma Vineyards.
Selachus is a wine with an international flair, dense and powerful, with a flavor of ripe fruit, vanilla and licorice.
Selachus just started shipping to our markets worldwide and we cannot wait to hear our clients’ feedback! We hope that you will enjoy this wine as much as we did crafting it.

Please, allow us to share with you a very special and big thank you to our winemakers Roberto Gerbino and Jean-François Coquard and to our agronomist Claudio Giorgi who dedicated so much care and attention to the release of our Selachus.

Alessandro Berselli
… And in the meantime, our Chianti Classico Riserva is ageing: stay tuned!