Chianti (Classico) anyone?

Fall, at last. Which is probably one of the most glorious seasons you can think of when it comes to wine. A warm feeling is all around, perfectly juxtaposed to the excitement which has filled the vineyards during the recent harvesting. In a way it is all gone, but it is all still there. Just waiting to evolve.

This is the perfect season for the great, full-bodied reds and we can easily picture ourselves sipping some, the Tuscan landscape as a picture-perfect backdrop.
Wait: rewind. Fall is perfect for strolling in Florence, too, when heading to see the countless beauties it has to offer will end only with a proper dinner. And here we are, in the heart of this worlwide renown symbol of culture and art – and, yes, shopping! – Leonardo and Michelangelo probably stepping on these very same stones back in the day, looking up at the tower of Palazzo Vecchio. Here is Michelangelo’s impressive statue of David – a copy, agreed, the ruling body of the Republic of Florence right behind it.

Few people know it but this landmark and one of the most famous and prestigious appellation Tuscan wines, Chianti, have something in common, and that goes far beyond sharing the same geographical roots. Let’s have a quick peek inside the Salone dei Cinquecento, the most imposing indoor hall in town. Can you see it up there on the ceiling? Yes, it’s the black rooster, the same used as trademark of the Chianti Classico bottles. Painted by Giorgio Vasari, the rooster was there as symbol of the Chianti Military League but also to sum up the curious legend which dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then Florence and Siena continuously fought over the boundaries of the Chianti area.

To establish the definitive borders it was agreed two knights would have fixed them at their meeting point, each departing at dawn from his own city at the rooster crow. Let just say Florentines were more creative and got their rooster to crow much earlier than that of their rivals, gaining significant advantage (and land!).

Nowadays the two municipalities share the honor to preside over the Chianti Classico territory, blessed with a magic blend of climate, terrains and altitudes which, unfavorable to most crops, has made this region unique in the production of premium wines.
And since ALMA WINES is committed to spread worldwide the essence of the Italian wine making heritage, please allow us to be extremely proud of our gem in the crown: Fattoria di Ruppiano Astorre Noti, located in Castelnuovo Berardenga, in the heart of Chianti Classico wine region.

Our Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. is a must try.

Can't you hear the rooster crow?
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