Red passion

A new sparkling – methaphorically! – gem in the crown of Alma Wines has been added just recently, although its cutting and polishing – methaphorically, again – started back in 2014. The first vintage of the new Berselli & Solferino Primitivo is now available, better yet enjoyable. A closely guarded selection of the grapes – as you might know we are speaking strictly varietal here - makes this wine unique while highlighting the close and prolific connection Alma nurtures for Puglia (and Puglia itself for parenting some increasingly interesting and valuable grape varieties).

Masseria Supreno, named after the estate in Puglia where Alma harvests the region’s main grape varieties, is Alma’s tribute to the identity of Puglia, alongside with the more recent Berselli&Solferino Primitivo. Better yet Masseria Supreno is in the very heart of Salento, the topnotch production area in Puglia and all the wines Alma features under this label are Salento IGT.

Is this region the new Tuscany? No, or better, not yet. Story will tell. But for sure its potential and its capital in terms of grape varieties and wines, have more and more moved towards the spotlight over the last decade. We at Alma are determined to share with the world of wine lovers wines which we are deeply in love with, sure that what will be poured in that glass from that very bottle coming from us gathers a surprisingly wide variety of nuances, where the heritage of a country which is virtually one great extended vineyard tells each time for each label a totally different story.

And when our commitment is recognized we can’t help smiling
(and yes, well, pour a glass or two!) 

Please enjoy with us the brand new ratings about
Masseria Supreno and Berselli&Solferino.

Life is too short to drink bad wine!
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