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This is one of those moments when we at Alma, realize a strategic partnership with an airline, or at least a lightweight lugagge brand, could be crucial.

Once again Alma Wines, true to its international vocation, has been globetrotting spreading the word which makes the multifaceted production of the iconic Vigneto Italia vital to its core business: provide a broad regional overview of Italian winemaking at its best.

Germany, Belgium, Japan, Canada, the United States. And Belgium again in the very next future, as Alma Wines will partner with a topnotch food and lifestyle event. Ok, this is another story you will soon be reading about…

In the past couple of weeks the Alma Wines team literally following in its founder’s footsteps – right when Alessandro Berselli himself was celebrating his 98th trip to Japan - has been spread around the globe, travelling to scout trends and monitoring both traditional and emerging markets.

Besides choosing ProWein as its only international trade stage for the year – and that was the place to be: the 2018 edition gathered over 6,870 exhibitors from 64 different countries, providing a unique global overview of the current wine and spirits ranges, with visitors travelling from 133 nations - Alma is being busy scouting different markets through its worldwide network to pinpoint new custom designed partnerships determined to reflect both the quality and the lifestyle the brand aims to embody.
Which themes will play an especially prominent role in the future? ProWein showed that there is a trend towards light, uncomplicated wines with a focus on terroir as well as on wines from climatic regions where only 20 years ago growing wines of an appealing quality was technically impossibile.

Therefore we hope that besides the many global changes which affect the wine industry today, our reinterpretation of the newest Italian wine classification, Varietale d’Italia, will receive the proper attention: Alma Wines is the first and only company in Italy to have so far welcomed this new legislation as a great opportunity. A numbered limited edition is the immediate consequence. Quality vs quantity, in other words.
Now excuse us.

We’re about to board our next flight!

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