Moveable Feast

It was a mere three months ago.

We were sharing our plan to tour the world from Europe to Japan, our wide variety of labels to express the multiple shades of the impressive, and vast, and multifaceted, and yet unique Italian wine heritage.

Since then we have been at ProWein, Vinitaly, Wine&Gourmet Japan, some of the most exciting and internationally renowned wine industry appointments - a couple of them still on the agenda before the Summer - on a precise mission.

Conquering new territories? Well, not really a breaking news.

Entering the realm of portraiture? In a way yes, because capturing the spirit of the most diverse Italian wine regions and share it with our audience bear some similarities to this meticulous art expression. And, in this way, our portrait gallery is continuously expanding, with new labels joining ALMA’s portfolio to add essential brush strokes exactly where needed. 
Or even absorb and enhance the evolution some labels feature, as in the case of ALMA Signature Collection Berselli & Gerbino, where the name has changed to state a longtime close collaboration with our in-house winemaker Roberto Gerbino.

This line in particular embodies the inspiration which has lead to the birth of ALMA WINES itself, since it was founded to achieve the very best, every year, from the most famous international grape varieties. A pioneering vision which we have literally cultivated and nurtured, constantly keeping the dialogue between classic and modern vivid.

This is why ALMA cherishes so much, on both a conceptual and tangible point of view, Berselli & Gerbino varietal character.

For those who are not yet acquainted to this expression, varietal refers to wines which are not linked to the specific character of the terroir. The quality of the grapes is therefore crucial. Fragrance and taste recall the aromatic legacy of the specific grape variety, which is the main focus.

“The grapes we have selected for this project - Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah - adds Alessandro Berselli, ALMA WINES Founder and Chairman - grow in many different regions of the world, proving their varietal strength rules, while most grape varieties have shown over the centuries they can survive and turn into great wines only if grown in a specific habitat. An example? Nebbiolo, an extraordinary grape variety which leads to wonderful wines but which is impossible to grow outside a small, limited area (mainly Piedmont, Italy). There are particularly suited terroirs, such as Burgundy and the Bordeaux region in France or the Langhe and the Chianti areas in Italy, where most grape varieties grow well with great results. These are local wines.

Berselli & Gerbino Signature Collection is aimed to highlight at the same time both the greatness of these 5 varietals and the uniqueness of the Italian terroir, almost as if it was a great, extraordinary vineyard”. 

In this perspective we like to think our wines are a
feast for the senses.
So, please: feel free to join our travelling party
and let us guide you while exploring our world.

A glass, anyone?

May 22 – 24 London, United Kingdom


LIWF – London International Wine Fair


June 18 – 21 Bordeaux, France




Fattoria di Ruppiano Astorre Noti booth 
with Consorzio Chianti Classico Gallo Nero

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