Destination Antwerp (en Proeft)!

Antwerp is no doubt on a very specific map: that which tracks all the crucial centres of innovation, where new trends develop, gain recognition and ignite new behaviors. Design and entrepreneurship are most definitely two leading areas within which Antwerp has played a model role over the years while the increasingly growing interest which has recently invested the world of food is another theme around which Antwerp catalyzes interest.

Between May 10th and 13th the Belgian city will be home to the 13th edition of Antwerpen Proeft/Taste of Antwerp, the most popular culinary festival in Belgium, with over 120,000 visitors. The event combines Michelin starred and celebrity chefs, exclusive restaurants and signature street food thanks to a packed calendar of tastings, live cooking demonstrations and culinary workshops. An immersive experience which revolves around the senses where top quality and diversity are a must.  Again: who would have bet on the blooming of the food craziness thirteen years ago? Isn’t this about forecasting trends?

This foreword has intrigued you?

Well, allow us to add our bestseller AMBO™ collection will be the one and only wine partner of this stellar event. We find it best embodies the contemporary mood of Antwerpen Proeft and is an appropriate tribute to the Belgian market, since our very beginning truly strategic to ALMA’s development thanks to the supportive partnership with Delhaize.

Back to Belgium: make sure to mark your calendar and pay a visit to Antwerp to enjoy a long weekend of fine food and even better wine.

#ProefMee: it’s time to…
#ambo with us!

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