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The Soul of Italian wine
The philosophy of ALMA is based on a revolutionary concept.
The soul of Italian wine needs to be inclusive of the many traditions and expressions. We aim to promote Italy’s remarkable and unique vine-growing heritage while maintaining and reinforcing the regional authenticity & genuineness.
Tradition can only be maintained if it is joined by innovation, and reciprocally, innovation must always keep a deep respect and honor towards traditions.
“I believe in teamwork, working together with a common vision and a passion for work. More precisely, I believe in our team who surprise me to this day with their effort and dedication.

Every wine has a story to tell, but so does every individual that worked on its creation. The story is always one of love, passion, dedication for one's work, experience, foresight and competence, thousand-year old traditions, teamwork and perseverance.
If you ask me what is the common aspect of all of the wines in our portfolio, i’d have to say it’s their authentic expression. 
They are the soul of Italy, each and every bottle are filled to the brim with soul, for you to enjoy”
Alma Wines - The Soul of Italian Wine - Fine Italian Wine Producer
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