Pinot Noir, the always bright guiding star.

The New Year makes this a perfect time for looking back (really?), unwinding (mostly) and making resolutions (as specific as ordering more of exactly that wine we love so much).

Pinot Noir steps in right here, with exactly the same overall versatility the little black dress has gained over time in women’s wardrobe. And its pleasentness is directly proportional to the care it has received while still on the vine, quite like the wearability of a garment which really depends on the craftmanship of whom has cut and sewn it.
God made Cabernet Sauvignon,
whereas the Devil made Pinot Noir.

- Andre Tchelistcheff
Pinot Noir is the 10th most planted grape variety in the world and its following counts a gigantic number of wine enthusiasts (if it only could have an Instagram account…!). Highly demanding if not whimsical at times, it is often referred to as the enfant terrible among his equally noble colleagues but can surprisingly express a myriad of sophisticated hues when poured in the glass. No wonder then, its charm has conquered the world spreading from France, where the first vines of this variety were harvested some two thousand years ago – and this makes it about 1,000 years older than Cabernet Sauvignon! - before taking over the rest of Europe, America and in a more recent perspective Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

And Pinot Noir could not be missed in Alma’s bouquet, where revolution and tradition just form the gradient lens through which explore the world of fine Italian wines with a contemporary approach.

The Italian terroirs where Pinot Noir best develops its complex layered personality include Oltrepò Pavese, in Southern Lombardia, the exact spot where Alma Wines produces both its Ambo Nero Pinot Noir Pavia I.G.T. – which has just been awarded Four Stars by Harpers Wine Stars Italy 2017 - and Agit Optima Pinot Nero D.O.C. whose grapes ripe on the sunny slopes of this unique area. Here, valuable vines planted a few decades ago yield very well these wines.
Agit Optima, a Pinot Noir only produced in exceptional vintages in limited edition, was crowned with Five Stars by the very same Harpers Wine Stars Italy 2017. Combining expert knowledge with a variety of factors from climate to soil, Agit Optima tells exquisitely distinctive stories with outstanding geographic characteristics.
The most delicate shade of pink could not go missing in our palette!
Ambo Rosa, a 100% Pinot Noir rosé, so lively, soft and subtle, is the perfect match for… well… Does it really need to be paired with anything?
Its personality grants it the spotlight anyway.
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