Spring is here: A treat from our Sardinian winery and the region’s cuisine

While the Alma Wines team is busy traveling the world, promoting and ensuring the truest quality of every wine we produce, we always make time to come back to our loved ones.

So we thought, why not promote more of our love for wine while celebrating the beginning of spring? And why not celebrate with a homemade, Italian-inspired meal along with one of our most acknowledged line?



Our Sardinian winery, Nuragico, combines passion and dedication with the cultural depth and significance of Sardinia. Due to the region’s terroir, the Nuragico wines are enhanced by fresh, crisp notes of sea salty air, which make the wines a great accompaniment to fresh seafood or medium-weight dishes such as meat or cheeses. Therefore, besides from conveying our passion all the way from our vineyards to your table, we would like to share with you some of the culinary secrets that make Sardinia such a fascinating island.


Aragosta alla Catalana (“Catalan style” Lobster) with Nuragico Vermentino Justu




2 lobsters (500 g each)

15-20 cherry tomatoes

2-3 potatoes

½ red onion


Olive oil





1. Bring two pots of water to boil – one for the lobsters, one for the potatoes. Add salt to one of the pots and add the lobsters. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Set aside and let them cool before cracking.

2.  Meanwhile, peel the potatoes. Add them to the other pot of boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes, or until ready. Set aside and let them cool.

3.  To crack the lobsters, twist off both claws where they meet the body. Break off the knuckles where they attach to the main part of the claw. Use a small fork (and a nutcracker or hammer if needed) to crack and pick the meat from the knuckles and claws.

4. Separate the lobster tail from the body by bending the tail back. Break off the flippers by bending them back. Insert a fork into the end of the tail where the flippers break off and push out the chunk of tail meat.

5. Slice the potatoes, the tomatoes, and the onion and place them on a serving large plate. Cut the lobster meat into chunks and place on top of base.

6.  Season with olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper.


Sardinian cheese plate with Nuragico Cannonau Giovanu or Cannonau Famadu



For the ones with less of a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than ending a meal with a cheese plate . As a matter of fact, the tradition of cheese in Sardinia is just as ancient as it is important. For instance, the exports of the region’s Pecorino cheese have contributed to ensuring this classic “Made in Italy” product is renowned worldwide.

Here are three Sardinian cheeses to try for dessert paired with three different jams and our wine, of course:

– Pecorino di montagna with fig jam

– Pecorino fresco (young) with onion jam (preferably red onion)

– Caciotta pecorina with blueberry jam


Buon appetito!




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