Who we are

Alessandro Berselli

Alessandro Berselli has been walking on the soil of Italian vineyards for 30 years. Traveling, discovering new parts of the world then rediscovering new corners of Italy have been his objectives since the beginning of his experience in the entrepreneurial wine industry.

His story and the one of Alma Wines have been fueled by knowledge and unique passion. Along with his company, his team, his family, Alessandro Berselli is able to combine new insights with the millennial tradition of Italian wine, while communicating and promoting all the professions that make up a bottle of wine.

This is how we give back: the territory gives us body, and in return, we give it our soul.

La nostra filosofia

Alessandro Berselli is the detail. Our company represents the quality of the professionals that make up our team, who pair technique with art, precision with skill.

Our mission is caring for our customers. A journey that, thanks to a highly specialized supply chain from the vine to the bottle as well as a logistics and administrative platform, reaches all of our customers across the world.

We know the regional Italian excellences; we savor the soul like we do with wine.

“The Soul of Italian wine,” the soul of Italy.

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